punto.sud training calendar

The punto.sud training activity focuses mostly on rendering the co-operation among Civil Society Organisations and the EU more efficient and collaborative. Main topics covered range for project planning, set up of monitoring mechanism, EuropeAid contractual obligations, financial management, internal audit and organisational building.
In general, punto.sud-training programmes are based on the Adult Learning Cycle (ALC). The ALC is an experiential learning cycle that describes how adults normally learn and acquire new experiences. This model enables the trainer to make use of a powerful and natural learning strategy that is already used sub-consciously by most adults. These is ensured by the adoption of highly interactive learning methods like role-plays, case study, focused conversation, appreciative inquiry, individual reflection, group work, feedback, drama, quizzes, debates, simulations, real life cases and individual reflection.

This method is based on four phases:

  1. concrete experiences (case studies or demonstrations) provided by trainer;
  2. structured reflection and feedback by trainees (through brainstorming or questionnaires),
  3. abstract conceptualisation in which transform what the participants have observed in one specific situation, into a general principle in order to link existing knowledge about the topic to experience of the trainees (the input can be brought either by participants as well as by the trainer);
  4. active experimentation: here the trainer helps trainees to identify and plan how they will apply what they have learned to help them to do their work more effective and organise a real life application.

Quality of the training is also granted by a team of experienced trainers, with an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the course contents and with good training skills.

Tailor made training
Our training sessions can be tailored to your needs. You can choose from an existing course (programme is coming soon), or modify the training to match your organisation’s needs. In this case, the whole approach will be focused around your precise requirements.
Whatever skills you want to develop, whatever the size of your organisation, punto.sud can work with you to find a solution that fits your exact needs and your budget.

ATTENTION! The information included in this website refer to the rules of the PRAG 2014. The website is currently under revision to be aligned to the 2016 PRAG.