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Grants may, as a rule, only cover costs incurred after the date on which the grant contract is signed and are based on the reimbursement of the eligible costs. In other words, costs effectively incurred by the beneficiaries that are deemed necessary for carrying out the activities in question. The amount eligible for financing, as specified in the Grant Contract, can never be increased.

The contract for an operating grant shall be awarded within 6 months after the start of the beneficiary's budgetary year. Costs eligible for financing may not have been incurred before the grant application was lodged or before the start of the beneficiary's budgetary year.

The applicant signing a grant contract is known as the Grant Beneficiary and should not be confused with the final beneficiary of the Action nor with the target group. A Grant Beneficiary is responsible for implementing the Action and retains ownership of its results.

Grants may not be cumulative
No single beneficiary may receive more than one grant financed by the European Union (EU) or European Development Fund (EDF) for a given Action, save otherwise provided in the basic act (legal basis/Regulation) concerned. A beneficiary may be awarded only one operating grant financed by the EU or EDF per financial year. The applicant shall immediately inform the Contracting Authority of any multiple applications and multiple grants relating to the same Action or to the same work programme.

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