The Helpdesk

The helpdesk is a grant service sponsored by the EC in the ambit of a project. It is intended to provide to all Non State Actors and Local Authorities (NSA/LA), EC partners in development, a full assistance and case by case support aimed to fulfil Headquarters main obligations, accomplish Desk managerial tasks, and facilitate key-staff work on the field in the framework of EuropeAid-funded projects. The main objective of the helpdesk is to enhance the knowledge of NSA/LA operating in the development field, facilitating the comprehension of the general procedures and rules of EuropeAid. Within the framework of the current budgetary period (2007-2013) and the 10th EDF, the punto.sud-helpdesk is firmly committed to guarantee the most updated information and a complete shared vision in terms of development aid principles and good practices. To submit your queries please write to


The helpdesk provides prompt personalised replies to all queries posed by development organisations on a daily basis. The queries may refer to any phase of a EuropeAid-funded project, and range in topic from the ex-ante requirements for participation in calls for proposals, to the preparation of an interim report, project final evaluation and so on. Upon receipt of the query, the helpdesk will respond within a limited and reasonable time frame.


The helpdesk offers specialised support with direct follow-up to a number of development organisations from EU New Member States as a pilot activity of this Project. The hands-on support is tailored to the particularities of each case and generally consists in the following:

  • support in the project preparation phase: assessment of the adequacy of project documentation, background information, activity and budget plans;
  • capacity building: follow up of a given project that for many reasons needs special and constant support;
  • systematisation: check up of one project in a view to analyse and improve the overall capacity to manage a EuropeAid-funded action.
Report screening

The helpdesk uses specialised checklists and in-depth analysis to provide feedback on the comprehensiveness and/or weaknesses of the reports composed at all stages of a EuropeAid-financed action.

Project financial control

The helpdesk assesses all financial documentation before the presentation of the reports. The assessment focuses on the eligibility of expenses, accuracy of supporting documents (e.g. invoices, receipts, contracts, tender dossiers), congruence of internal procedures and their application to the project.

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