Final reports

Project reports cover the Action as a whole, regardless of which part of it is financed by the EC as Contracting Authority. Each report must provide a full account of all aspects of the Action's implementation for the period covered. In case where no expenditure verification report is required, the Grant Beneficiary must provide a list detailing each item of expenditure incurred in the period covered by the report, and indicating for each its title, amount, relevant heading in the Budget of the Action and the reference of the justifying document annexed to it.

The reports must be drafted in the language of the Grant Contract. The final report shall be submitted to the Contracting Authority no later than three months after the end of the implementation period as defined in Article 2 of the Special Conditions. The deadline for submission of the final report is extended to six months where the Coordinator does not have its headquarters in the country where the Action is implemented.

If the Beneficiary fails to supply the Contracting Authority with a final report by the final report deadline and fails to provide an acceptable and sufficient written explanation of the reasons why it is unable to comply with this obligation, the Contracting Authority may terminate the Grant Contract and recover the amounts already paid and not substantiated.
The Contracting Authority may request additional information at any time and that information must be supplied within 30 days of the request(art. 2 and 15.2 – General Conditions).

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