Keep a correct accountancy

✔ All records, accounting and supporting documents related to the Contract are to be properly kept
✔ A list of documents is included in the General Conditions of the Contract

In compliance with the Beneficiary(ies)‘s obligation to provide narrative and financial reports, the following documents have to be kept for ex-post audit and verification by the Contracting Authority::

  • Accounting records (computerised or manual) from the beneficiary’s accounting system such as general ledger, sub ledgers and payroll accounts, fixed assets registers and other relevant accounting information;
  • Proof of procurement procedures such as tendering documents, bids from tenderers and evaluation reports;
  • Proof of commitments such as contracts and order forms;
  • Proof of delivery of services such as approved reports, time sheets, transport tickets (including boarding passes), proof of attending seminars, conferences and training courses (including relevant documentation and material obtained, certificates), etc.;
  • Proof of receipt of goods such as delivery slips from suppliers;
  • Proof of completion of works, such as acceptance certificates;
  • Proof of purchase such as invoices and receipts;
  • Proof of payment such as bank statements, debit notices, proof of settlement by the subcontractor;
  • Proof that taxes and/or VAT that have been paid cannot actually be reclaimed;
  • For fuel and oil expenses, a summary list of the distance covered, the average consumption of the vehicles used, fuel costs and maintenance costs;
  • Staff and payroll records such as contracts, salary statements, time sheets. For local staff recruited on fixed-term contracts, details of remuneration paid, duly substantiated by the person in charge locally, broken down into gross salary, social security charges, insurance and net salary. For expatriate and/or European-based staff (if the action is implemented in Europe) analyses and breakdowns of expenditure per month of actual work; assessed on the basis of unit prices per verifiable block of time worked and broken down into gross salary, social security charges, insurance and net salary.

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