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   *[[http://​dgecho-partners-helpdesk.eu/​|DG ECHO partners'​ helpdesk website]] ​   *[[http://​dgecho-partners-helpdesk.eu/​|DG ECHO partners'​ helpdesk website]] ​
   *[[http://​www.env-net.org/​|ENV.net website for environment]] ​   *[[http://​www.env-net.org/​|ENV.net website for environment]] ​
-  *[[http://​www.puntosud.org/​helpdesk-europeaid/​doku.php/​howto/​start|punto.sud ​helpdesk for EuropeAid funded projects]] +  *[[http://​www.puntosud.org|punto.sud ​website]] 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 ====WHO WE ARE==== ====WHO WE ARE====
ATTENTION! The information included in this website refer to the rules of the PRAG 2014. The website is currently under revision to be aligned to the 2016 PRAG.